Martello Piling

4 November 2020 | Grosvenor House Hotel, London


Martello Piling

Martello is an innovative company that is successful in challenging convention. Specializing in large diameter rotary bored piling, we are committed to the development of creative solutions and innovative new techniques.

We offer a complete range of bespoke rotary bored piling rigs that can be tailored to suit specific project requirements. 
Over the years', we have built a respected reputation in the construction industry through the 'Martello Technique', whereby large diameter piles can be constructed in restricted conditions.

We are able to offer the complete range of rotary bored piling equipment from very large and powerful rigs capable of installing piles of 2.0m in diameter (or more), to smaller more-restricted rotary piling rigs occupying a footprint of just 5.7m by 3.0m, but nevertheless are still capable of installing 1200mm diameter piles.

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