Specialist Geotechnical Supplier of the Year

The award will celebrate specialist geotechnical suppliers that have continually delivered innovation, quality and value within this period, while improving the business and making it more profitable.  The award will celebrate specialist geotechnical suppliers that have continually delivered innovation, quality and value within this period, while improving the business and making it more profitable.

Acero Construction

Acero Construction is a market-leading provider of specialist piling labour services across the UK for some of the construction industry’s biggest names – including Keller, Bauer, Bachy/Balfour JV, and many more. We supply steel fixers, welders, guide wall services & piling operatives for all geotechnical roles including jet grouting, SFA, CFA, CSP, LDP and diaphragm walls projects. This year alone, we’ve achieved an 11% increase in geotechnical agency workers, an 80% turnover increase and introduced two new services – welding and guide walls. We’ve also supplied 150+ trained & qualified Acero operatives to HS2, making us their biggest geotechnical supplier. We’re also proud to be named one of the Top Most Inclusive Workplaces at the FREDIE Awards and to receive national recognition (Bronze Award) from the armed forces for our commitment to supporting ex armed forces. In addition to this, we’ve successfully maintained our ISO accreditations and Construction Line Gold.

Concept Engineering Consultants

Concept, established in 1997, stands out as a premier provider of geotechnical and ground investigation services in the UK. Our collaborative approach, seamless integration into project teams, and expertise in challenging environments set us apart. We excel in logistically complex sites, from tunnels to heights, showcasing our adaptability. Our bespoke solutions, like the Articulated Sampling Tool for Restricted Access (A.S.T.R.A), demonstrate our commitment to innovation. Monopolizing urban site investigation in London, we leverage our unique expertise in other UK cities. With security and PR prowess, we're accredited to CyberEssentials+, ensuring the highest data security standards. Being part of the Phenna Group allows us to offer a 'one-stop shop' of added-value services. Concept's enduring success, rooted in our core values, reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaborative partnerships, setting industry benchmarks in geotechnical and ground investigation.

Gravitas International

Gravitas International, an SME family business, stands out as a strong contender for the Specialist Geotechnical Supplier of the Year award at the 2024 GE Awards. Their innovative approach in the multi-billion-pound construction industry demonstrates a commitment to driving environmentally focused change. Through education, support, and innovative products like Flex MSE, they empower clients to make sustainable choices. Gravitas International's unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with their track record of building strong relationships and delivering exceptional results, positions them as leaders in geotechnical innovation. Their recent Green Apple Award win for sustainability underscores their impact and highlights their role as influential players in the field.


Groundforce is renowned for its engineering expertise with an enviable reputation as a first-class, market leading supplier of a wide range of specialist construction equipment and solutions to contractors in the UK, ROI and mainland Europe. Always at the forefront of setting new industry standards, new products and services have been introduced across its divisions in 2023. Groundforce Shorco continued to evolve its pioneering online interactive design tool for temporary works with the launch of YourSolution+. This industry first, offers engineers and temporary works coordinators the ability to create trench and manhole box designs, generating limitless designs dynamically. Groundforce’s commitment to raising standards in site safety is clearly demonstrated, with Groundforce Training division continuing to go from strength to strength as more main contractors recognise the importance of excavation safety training for their workforce.

Mabey Hire

As one of the UK’s leading temporary works providers, Mabey Hire supplies contractors with the equipment needed to enable, facilitate and complete vital groundworks projects across the UK. Over the course of 2023, Mabey Hire has invested in its product and service offerings for this sector, better equipping its customers to complete their projects safely and efficiently. With a significant amount invested into new product development, as well as strengthening its internal teams, the production of a dedicated ESG Strategy document and the continued improvement of services, Mabey Hire has clearly demonstrated its commitment to continued innovation. All of this has resulted in Mabey Hire having a record year for revenue, as well as seeing large increases in major basement propping jobs across 2023.

Marshall Drilling

Marshall Drilling Ltd are a geotechnical and geo-environmental drilling contractor that has continued to build on the recognised success of 2022. Solution-based plant and machinery innovation was the focus for 2023, driven by an ongoing determination to provide an advanced and bespoke service to meet the needs of our clients. Increasing the scope of site services has been a key part of this years growth; demonstrated by the development of several new, specialist low ground pressure machines and our new, revolutionary multi-purpose rotary drilling mast. This innovation not only exhibits the broad capabilities of the company but also the flexibility to react to our client’s requirements. Due to this investment, 2023 has provided a significantly increased workload, allowing Marshall Drilling Ltd to continue reinvestment in its staff, plant and business strategy. The company reached its 5-year trading anniversary in March ’24 and although still in its infancy, has grown considerably within this time. The company now operates a fleet of 12 rotary drilling rigs across the UK, employing 27 members of staff, an organic growth achieved with no external investment resulting in a turnover in excess of £4M, year to date. This growth has moved the company to the position of becoming one of the UK’s largest independently owned “drill only“ contractors

TD Construction Testing

We are an award winning UKAS accredited testing house, that has the capability to test within our permanent laboratory based in St. Helens overseen by a management team with over 100 years’ experience or construction sites nationwide. The directors envisaged a company with a ‘family run’ ethos, putting the needs of staff and customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. This had enabled us to grow our revenue every year since our incorporation until market constraints caused by Brexit/Covid, retain essential core staff whilst maintaining continuous UKAS accreditation enabling us to continue carrying out testing in accordance with BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017, relevant national/international standards and other published testing specifications for a variety of organisations.