Ground Investigation Specialist of the Year

Ground investigation contractors that can demonstrate achievement of clear business milestones will be rewarded in this category. Firms must be able to provide evidence of continued dedication to delivering innovation, quality and value between January 2023 and January 2024.


Fugro's breadth of work across Land, Nearshore and Marine environments demonstrates our expertise across every area of ground investigation and our commitment to pushing the realms of what is possible when it comes to the size, scale and challenging aspects of new projects. Not only have we been involved ground breaking projects but we have continued to lead the way in supporting the development of projects which contribute to a safer, more sustainable world including carbon capture power stations, wind farms, and hydro pumped storage schemes. Innovation, in this industry and the wider data and technology world, drives everything we do. From bring our tech to space with our SpAARC helping to develop the moon rover to improving and applying more remote and AI operations. Finally, we lead the way in supporting industry talent, increasing training and opportunities for the most important factor in our success; our amazing people.

Geoquip Marine

Geoquip is committed to investing heavily in the growth of permanent and contracted staff by offering comprehensive training and development programmes like EdApp and expanding benefits packages, ensuring a fulfilling journey for each team member no matter where they are. It's important to emphasise that amidst Geoquip's continuous growth and upward trajectory, we proudly remain one united big family. HSE is our number one priority. We organise safety systems, regular training, and follow up on a continuous improvement cycle to achieve and maintain the highest standards. Over 95% of our data acquisition projects directly contribute to the development of renewable energy sources. This aligns with our goal of achieving NetZero by 2040 by supporting UNSDGs like SDG 3, SDG 13 and SDG 14 and membership with the UN Global Compact. Together, we are making an impact on combatting climate change and preserving our oceans.


Geotechnics, a leading independent UK ground investigation specialist, marked its 40th anniversary with noteworthy achievements between January 2023 to January 2024. The company's refreshed senior management team, blending experienced employees with fresh industry talents, has sustained its reputation while seizing new opportunities. Emphasising core values of people, quality, and integrity, Geotechnics prioritises employee support, offering diverse training programs and mental health initiatives. Actively addressing recruitment challenges, the company launched a STEM initiative to promote ground engineering roles through university and schools training. Geotechnics maintains internationally accredited management systems, earning acclaim for independence and quality data delivery. Successful collaborations with United Utilities Water and Anglian Water highlight the Company's commitment to innovation and excellence. Strategic modernisations in the laboratory and IT departments, recognised by industry awards, showcase Geotechnics' dedication to staying technologically advanced. In summary, the Company's achievements affirm its leadership in innovation, quality, and value in the ground investigation sector.


Lankelma is changing the ground investigation industry through innovation and sustainability in the field of CPT. Our 82% revenue growth shows that we’re changing the mindsets of people in the industry towards CPT, proving the value of this data for groundbreaking projects like the BP Teesside CO2 storage network. We're set to be the UK's first ISO 22476-1:2022 compliant CPT company, leading the way with in-house equipment design and commitment to uncompromising safety with a near-zero incident rate for 5 years! Beyond financials, we’re championing sustainability with the first UK battery-powered CPT rig, renewable HVO diesel, solar panels, electric car charging, and offsetting our emissions with 600 trees planted at our HQ. We're not just providing data, we're setting a new standard for sustainability in the construction industry. 

Marshall Dirlling

Marshall Drilling are a geotechnical and geo-environmental drilling contractor that has continued to build on the recognised success of 2022. Solution-based plant and machinery innovation was the focus for 2023, driven by an ongoing determination to provide an advanced and bespoke service to meet the needs of our clients. Increasing the scope of site services has been a key part of this years growth; demonstrated by the development of several new, specialist low ground pressure machines and our new, revolutionary multi-purpose rotary drilling mast. This innovation not only exhibits the broad capabilities of the company but also the flexibility to react to our client’s requirements. Due to this investment, 2023 has provided a significantly increased workload, allowing Marshall Drilling Ltd to continue reinvestment in its staff, plant and business strategy. The company reached its 5-year trading anniversary in March ’24 and although still in its infancy, has grown considerably within this time. The company now operates a fleet of 12 rotary drilling rigs across the UK, employing 27 members of staff, an organic growth achieved with no external investment resulting in a turnover in excess of £4M, year to date. This growth has moved the company to the position of becoming one of the UK’s largest independently owned “drill only“ contractors

Structural Soils

Structural Soils had another prosperous year in 2023. We successfully delivered the largest ground investigation in our 60-year history, a £16 million ground investigation on the A66, and a £600,000 technical ground investigation in Dinorwig. We have made significant investments in equipment, including our downhole geologging equipment, high-pressure dilatometer and magnetic resonance. In turn, we have upskilled employees and increased job satisfaction. We are proud of our staff retention rate and promote from within where possible. In 2023, 12% (31/254) of our employees had been with the company for over 20 years. Our efforts to improve employee welfare, such as providing mental health first aiders on-site and in offices, are a contributing factor. We expanded our corporate responsibility and sustainability aspirations this year, contributing 957 hours over 39 activities.