Graduate Programme of the Year

This category is open to all types of companies working in the geotechnical industry that can demonstrate success in a graduate recruitment programme between January 2023 and January 2024.

Bachy Soletanche & Balfour Beatty Ground Engineering JV
Emerging Talent Programme

SB3, working on behalf of HS2, has embraced the commitment to “bring back to the community” whilst building one of the biggest infrastructure projects currently in the world. We have put in place a Graduate programme, in collaboration with local universities, to develop and nurture the next generation of talent into the ground engineering industry. In 2023, we have completed 40 undergraduate placements (either started or finished) in different departments of the project. 95% of our students have come back as graduates and are now full-time employees of SB3 or other companies within the HS2 collaboration.

Cementation Skanska
Cementation Skanska Graduate Programme

Cementation Skanska's graduate recruitment and development strategy have evolved over decades, nurturing diverse talent to become accomplished engineers. Many Managing Directors, including a CEO, emerged from the graduate training scheme. Tailored to ground engineering, the program offers rotational placements for comprehensive project lifecycle experience, fostering mobility and exposure to varied ground conditions across the UK. Beyond geotechnical civil engineering, it supports fields like quantity surveying and mechanical engineering. Annual university outreach events and online sessions attract talent, with feedback praising the rotational nature of the program. Graduates contribute significantly to major projects, spearheading innovations like the Hydrogen Rig and digitalization efforts. Mentoring opportunities and involvement in industry initiatives enhance their skills. With a focus on ICE charterships and high retention rates, Cementation Skanska's scheme provides structured support, empowering graduates to become Delegate Engineers, enriching the industry.

U.Gro Graduate Development Initiative

The Global Training and Development Programme, U.Gro, launched by Fugro in January 2020, is a two-year initiative aimed at recent graduates with less than two years of work experience. With 480 participants worldwide, including 103 in the UK, the program focuses on inclusivity, with 51 female and 52 male participants in the UK. U.Gro employs an interactive approach, blending work assignments, training, and mentoring to enhance participants' personal leadership skills and company knowledge. Divided into three phases, the program emphasises effective communication, teamwork, and cultural awareness in the first phase. The second phase involves addressing strategic business challenges, supported by TIAS Business School. The final phase centers on personal and professional balance, fostering critical thinking and leadership styles. U.Gro benefits participants by increasing visibility, engagement, and potential, with internal networking opportunities. For the business, the program aids in talent attraction and retention, team effectiveness, employee motivation, and future-oriented planning.

Mott MacDonald Mott MacDonald Foundations and Geotechnics Graduate Programme

The Mott MacDonald Graduate Programme provides an integrated and enjoyable experience for both our valued graduates and wider team. Through the recruitment processes we have a variety of well-established methods and routes in to ensure a broad range of potential candidates. In addition, Mott MacDonald’s Foundations and Geotechnics Team have our PRIDE values (Progress, Respect, Integrity, Drive and Excellence) at the heart of everything we do, ensuring a diverse range of graduates and fair process. Once joining the Foundations and Geotechnics team, we equip our graduates with both technical and soft skills key to their career development through exposure to challenging and diverse projects, technical training, and mentorship. Additionally, the company-wide Accelerating Your Future Programme provides opportunities to network with other graduates in the company, developing their soft skills through workshop-based training. Our Graduate Accelerator Programme (GAP) bridges the gap between geologists’ and engineers’ knowledge from university.