Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion

This award is to recognise industry-leading performance by a company, association or individual, between January 2023 and January 2024 in making specific efforts to champion and develop a diverse and inclusive culture within the geotechnical sector and/or their own organisation.

Hollie Taylor  

As early careers engineer having worked in the industry for 4 years, I have never been issued with well-fitting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). When I joined Amey, I had a similar poor experience and from discussions with colleagues, it was clear my experience was not isolated. It is my belief that PPE should be made to fit workers, not workers made to fit PPE. Since joining Amey, I have been able to create a platform where I can channel my passion to improve the inclusivity of women in the industry. I have been able to reach out to various women across the industry/ business who have struggled with PPE size and fit issues; providing the support and validation that they are worthy of their place in industry and ensure that their voice is being heard.

Arcadis PARRR and Women in Mobility  

Arcadis recognise that our Diversity, Belonging and Human Rights performance is as important as our financial performance and as a result have invested in a focussed programme to increase engagement and accountability across the business. Our PARRR (Parity Awareness, Recruitment, Retention and Returners) programme aims to increase representation of women and ultimately achieving gender equity. The PARRR programme is also being expanded to encompass other minority groups such as around ethnicity and neurodiversity. The implication of rolling the PARRR programme out within the Geotechnical Business Unit in 2023, has resulted in both an increase in the representation of women within the team including a significant increase at senior leadership level.

Balfour Beatty  
A63 Castle Street Scheme - Supporting an Inclusive Culture  

The A63 team has created a truly inclusive culture, bringing together employees and specialist sub-contractors from across the UK and Europe. We’ve implemented activities and training to foster excellent working relationships, which is evident in our performance and audits, where the culture is highlighted as a key strength throughout. We’ve supported staff to actively engage in activities to create a legacy for Hull around diversity and inclusion. Our STEM activities and Inspiring Women in Construction is an area that we’re proud has had a real impact in the community. Through structured programmes, we’ve worked to build relationships with our partners Züblin, creating a fully integrated team achieving exceptional results in project delivery. Our ethos on inclusion through employee forums, team building, and positive leadership is aligned to achieve our shared objective - ‘Promote an inclusive culture, where people’s ideas, opinions and feedback are valued and where constructive challenge is welcomed'.

Ernst & Young  
Taffy Chaduka - Making Impact Through Research (Advancing inclusivity in the civil engineering sector)

Taffy Chaduka is a civil engineering surveyor who has made significant contributions to advancing inclusivity within the geotechnical sector. His research at the University of Cambridge, published in the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors journal, has reached and influenced over 17000 professional members, sparking important conversations about the need for greater diversity. Taffy has been a driving force behind the establishment of employee networks at Skanska, HS2 Costain, and Thames Water. His efforts have helped to create safe and supportive spaces where employees from all backgrounds can feel valued and respected. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to inclusion, Taffy has been awarded the Highly Commended Inclusion Award by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association and appointed a Fairness Inclusion Respect Ambassador. His work is helping to raise awareness of the importance of inclusivity and is inspiring others to take action to create a more diverse and welcoming geotechnical sector.

Geoquip Marine  
Geoquip Marine - Great Place to Work through Employee Formed Association  

In March 2023, Geoquip Marine started the Great Place to Work Initiative, an employee-led association called the People & Culture Team, comprising three subgroups: Have Fun Team, Voice Team, and Communication Team. The Have Fun Team organises regular social and team-building events, mental health awareness activities and charitable days. The Voice Team opens the door for improvement suggestions contributing towards employee benefits. The Communications Team improves the communications within the company. This Association is made up of permanent office-based employees and offshore contractors. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of their position within the company, gender, ethnicity or background. This initiative gives employees the power to have their voices heard by opening doors and creating an inclusive and equal environment. Through this, Geoquip Marine promotes equality and equity within the company, driving positive changes and making the company a Great Place to Work.

Ground & Water  
Working towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Gender Equality  

Dipalee Jukes is co-founder and co-CEO of Ground & Water, a geotechnical and environmental engineering consultancy, founded in 2009 alongside her university friend, Francis Williams. Ground & Water exists to build sustainable communities in the UK and beyond, through better ground engineering, whist simultaneously, creating a company that cares about people and planet. Dipalee is a second-generation British South Asian, geologist, engineer, mum of three, co-host of the Chai & Chat Engineering podcast, whose aim is to highlight and bring awareness to the current lack of minority ethnic female engineers in the Engineering and Construction industry in the UK, school governor, gender equality advocate, and award-winning female business leader, working in a predominantly male industry. Her purpose in life is to work towards Gender Equality (UN SDG 5). She’s passionate about inspiring and empowering young girls, women, and women of colour into the industry and supporting them in their careers.

TFW Group  
EDI at Terra Firma and beyond  

Robbie is a Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Manager for a geotechnical and geoenvironmental organisation. On a personal mission to enhance the working environment both inside and outside of his organisation, Robbie engages with others to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities and rights along with an individual strength-based approach to leading and managing. Robbie has transformed the EDI approach within his organisation and ensured that the people feel heard and confident in being their authentic selves. Having ADHD and OCD himself, Robbie challenges the stigmas relating to Neurodiversity and mental health and endeavours to continue doing this moving forward. Robbie, now a mentor to a number of individuals imparts his knowledge and experiences to ensure that others can succeed within the Ground Engineering industry.