Cedric Allenou, COWI
Cedric Allenou
technical director

Cedric is a Chartered Engineer and RoGEP Adviser with over 20 years’ experience of geotechnical design and ground risk management, gained by working for consultants and contractors in a wide range of sectors, primarily infrastructure-related, including roads/highways, water and wastewater, airports, rail, flood defences. Cedric has experience of managing geotechnical and non-geotechnical activities on large multi-disciplinary construction projects. Cedric is a Technical Director with COWI UK and the Ground Engineering Lead on the Lower Thames Crossing project. Up until the end of 2020, Cedric led a large group of ground engineering professionals focussed on ground investigation scoping, execution and interpretation; highways and tunnels geotechnical design development; hydrogeological and geoenvironmental modelling and assessments; ground risk management, visualisation and communication.